Photo by Robert May

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform” Diane Mariechild

My name is Emma and I am a birth Doula supporting the Edinburgh and Lothians area.


For me, becoming a mother changed everything and ultimately this is what has driven my passion to train and work as a doula! I was fortunate enough to have experienced a beautiful home birth with the support of two midwives, my doula and my wonderful partner. After giving birth to my baby, I felt a new power and confidence in myself as a woman  in my new role as mother. I became fascinated with pregnancy and birth and could not get enough of talking and learning about this sacred gift we have as women to grow and birth our babies. 


Through my research, and talking to other mothers, I also became aware that many pregnant people do not have the support they need, nor are they aware of the choices they have at every step along the way, no matter what twists and turns the journey takes. It was through talking to others that something inside me was ignited and I felt so strongly that every birthing person and their partner should be supported during this magical time and empowered to make these choices with confidence. In my mind, having someone present who can hold space and empower a mother throughout her pregnancy, labour and transition to motherhood is so important. My passionate desire to fulfill this role led me to train with Kate Woods of Conscious Birthing. 


I have always loved helping others, and have spent a good proportion of my working life in the not for profit sector, but have yearned to work more directly supporting those who need it. I also volunteer with, and am a member of, Doulas Without Borders and am a qualified breastfeeding support volunteer with NCT. 


Outside of my Doula world, I love playing and listening to music, making my own aromatherapy oils and balms, long walks in nature with my family and our dog, and sharing good food and laughing with friends.